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Unique dining experience at Food Junction, Great World City watching the "plane flying over you in the clear blue sky"  - the best design food court.

Chendol with Durian and Generous Serving of Red Beans
Chilli hot Nasi Padang set of 2 veggie and chicken for $7.50 at Great World City Food Junction
Great Curry Chicken Noodle
Vietnamese grilled chicken burger lunch set complete with popiah at Great World City Food Junction
Vietnamese Cuisine stall, largest at entrance of Great World City Food Junction offers wide array of food 
Chendol with Durian and Generous Serving of Red Beans
Chendol with D24 durian, must have Ah Tachi seeds, soft green jelly stripes, aplenty red beans, coconut milk and gula-melaka (dark sugar syrup) at $3.50. Vivo City Food Republic 
Great Curry Chicken Noodle
Surprisingly tasty spicy Curry boneless  Chicken breast meat noodle at the Nasi Ayam Taman Serasi stall by Fitra at $6.50. Changi Jewel Food Republic Food Court. 
The original Malay Lontong with traditional taste gravy and a twist of Begedil deep fried potato patty at $4.50. Kofu Food Court at level 2 Loyang Point. 
Thick Beef Slices Dry Beef Noodle in thick dark gravy
Dry thick gravy Beef Noodle - thick Bee Hoon with tender beef slices, parsley, chopped vegetables and lime by Odeon Hainanese Beef Noodle at $7.00. Food Opera at Orchard ION
Famous Hot and Crispy Takoyaki Balls
Hot crispy Takoyaki balls drizzled with specialty sauce, sprinkled with green laver ao-nori and dried bonito flakes. Served in wooden paper boat at $6/4pc. Food Opera at Orchard ION
Nam Heong Ipoh Heritage Cuisine sells array of Tim Sum and meals - Signature Hor Fan, Ipoh Prawn Noodle and Nasi Lemak at $6. It has a private dining area at Orchard ION Food Opera
Chicken Char Siu Hor Fan with generous Char Siu meat in dark sauce, green vegetable, red chilli sauce and green cut chilli at $6.50. Nasi Ayam Taman Serasi at Changi Jewel Food Republic Food Court. 
Dry Chilli Pan Mian with broad noodle in black soya sauce, shrimp chilli paste, soft serve egg, minced meat, spinach, mushroom, anchovies fried shallots at $4.50. Ang Mo Kio Hub Malaysia Boleh Food Court. 
Big plate Mee Siam with all the required ingredients of hard boiled egg, dried beancurd cubes, bean sprouts, chives, chilli paste and lime in traditional gravy at $4.50. Kofu Food Court at White Sand.
Famous Yong Tau Hu at All Family Food Court
Dry, soup or Curry Yong Tau Hu drawing customers at All Family Food Court, Loyang Point. Each item priced at $0.70. Popular curry gravy at additional $0.70 usually runs out around 1.00 pm.  
More than 2 Decades of Glutinous Rice Legacy
Small stall great food with more than 2 decades serving its traditional glutinous rice with special chilli sauce at $2.00 for regular plate. Sell out around 1.00pm. All Family Food Court at Loyang Point. 
Nice Pancake after Meal
Small revenue traditional Mang Chien Kueh (Pancake) is unlikely to be found at Food Court due to high rental. All Family Food Court caters for smaller businesses to serve customers with wider food varieties.  
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