Hawker Food


Nasi Padang

2 good and cheap fried fish; $3/pc, sayur lodeh, tempeh, lady finger and chilli sauce @ Our Tampines Hub 


Wanton Mee

The plain food photos on its signboard may not tell you that they dish out good food; $3.80, 01-41; Our Tampines Hub


Beef HorFan

The popular Beef Hor Fan, options of fish or prawn cook by veteran hawker; $6.50; 01-56 Ghim Moh Hawker Centre


Hougang Hainanese Village Centre

Abundance of good traditional hawker food at the Hougang Hainanese Village Centre, Hougang Avenue 1, Block 105 Market and Food Centre. No-frills stall whipping up delicious traditional Fried Hokkien Mee by old hand elderly couple, price from $4 per plate-#02-26 Blue Star Fried Hokkien Mee. The attractive sharp food photographs of the brightly lit sign board already draws you to join the queue for the Teochew Fishball Mee and Laksa, #02-47; delicious indeed, worth waiting. It is more than just good porridge at Jiu Ji Shu Shi #02-31; they sell good Mee Rebus, Mee Siam and Lontong too.


Ghim Moh Hawker Stars 

Ghim Moh Food Centre, like Tiong Bahru Food Centre, boasts a good number of pre-1960s to 1970s legacy hawker food. The black carrot cake stall handed over from the pioneer hawker to his son is just as good. Guan Kee Fried Kway Teow started since 1967 - the slightly wet (more water) dish with bean sprout, chilli and garlic is the real taste of old time recipe. Wei Xiang prawn mee was from Brickwork Estates selling on wheel cart during the pre-1960s, it then moved to Redhill Close and to Ghim Moh in the 1970s; his son in mid 60s now runs the stall. Other good food includes the Indian stall "Heaven" selling food of good old days, the Appam, Puttu Mayam and Vadai. The waiting time for "home recipe" Hakka Yong Tau Hu, cooked by pioneer couple is from 30 minutes onwards. 


Fried Kway Teow - Zion Hawker Centre

Tuck in the prominent corner near the main road between Zion Road Hawker Centre and the revamped Great World City, the Chay Kway Teow draws continuous flow of customers. Located in the prime private estates and near the city, the hawkers are able to charge premium prices for their food. A plate of the famous Chay Kway Teow costs $5/6/8 - worth the price for it is delicious and the amount served is generous.   


Satay Bee Hoon - Zion Hawker Centre

The pioneer generation lady hawker has been in the hawker business for more than 30 years. She sells 3 great dishes of legacy hawker food - Rare find Satay Bee Hoon and Cuttle Fish-Kang Kong ("Liu He Eng Chai") at $4/5/6 and old school recipe Prawn Mee at $3.50/4/5. Try them all !

Lim Hokkien Mee Changi Rd

Ikan Bakar Set

Meaty Ikan Bakar  for $8.90 from The Food Market, Century Square

Beo Crescent Hawker Centre Claypot Rice

Curry Chicken Set

Curry Chicken set rice for $4.50, Encik Tan at Downtown East

Seah Im Hawker Centre Tauhu Goreng

Black Carrot Cake

Taste of old school carrot cake for $4.00, Encik Tan at Downtown East


Legacy Kampong Breakfast

Gui Fei Home Cooked Food at the All Family Food Court on Level 2 Loyang Point is the stall to have affordable good breakfast. The lady stall owner has been selling her traditional glutinous rice, yam cake, peanut  porridge and other food at Loyang Point (from the time at the old wing which underwent renovation to the current new wing extension) for more than 20 years, assisted by her son and daughter.  Address: 258 Pasir Ris Street 21, Loyang Point, Singapore 510258

Chai fish parkway fish chunks
Chai_fish parkway bitter gourd
Chai_fish parkway egg floss

Best fish head noodles

Chai's at Parkway Parade Food Republic food court serves fish head noodles or bee hoon with thick fish meats/chunks whereas some others give more fish head bones than fish meats. A $5.50 bowl of fish head, slice fish or fried fish noodles or bee hoon comes with vegetables and egg floss. Chai's has outlets at NEX Shopping Centre, Hougang 1 Mall and elsewhere but my favourite is still the Parkway Parade stall. 

Coffee & Kaya Butter Toast

What appeared to be a common coffee stall managed by 2 ordinary neatly attired women making coffee and toasting bread at Tanglin Mall Food Court; ordinary bread slices and common coffee making pots, that one will be sceptical of the quality standards of the  coffee and bread toasts that are unlikely to attract attention of popular food bloggers; but surprisingly, these ordinary looking Kaya and butter toasts (not Ah Khoon biscuit-crispy-like Bread toasts, though) were tasty and the coffee was good. 

I ate lunch at Tanglin Mall Food Court twice again within 2 months, ordered coffee and bread toasts and for friends sitting at the other table to adhere to Social Management Measures. Closed. 

Richton Curry Chicken

This curry chicken dish is among a long list of good hawker centre food sold by Richton Cafe located at a HDB block in Pasir Ris town near downtown east. It is slightly smaller than a HDB coffee shop, with a clean air-conditioned seating area, ordering station, separate kitchen and customer collection station for take-aways at the corridor. 

The cafe sells food at reasonable hawker centre and coffee shop prices. The standard $3.50 bowl of curry chicken with potatoes, chicken wing, a triangular half piece fried tau kwa and slices of fish cake and I paid $1.40 more for an additional chicken wing and a piece of potato to this delicious healthier dish that is tasty, less oily and less salty. 

The cafe sells food at reasonable hawker centre and coffee shop prices. The standard $3.50 bowl of curry chicken includes potatoes, chicken wing, a triangular half piece fried tau kwa and slices of fish cake. I paid $1.40 more for an additional chicken wing and a piece of potato for the delicious healthier dish that is tasty, less oily and less salty.

You will be spoilt for choice with the long list of food, hot/cold drinks and dessert menu, most of the food that you can find in a hawker centre -  Nasi Lemak (Set A - B), Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, Curry Chicken Noodle, Curry Chicken Rice/Bread, Fried Rice, Fishball Noodle, Lontong, Mee Rebus, Yong Tau Foo with rice, Carrot Cake (black/white), Hong Kong Mee, Hor Fun/Bee Hoon, Mui Fan, Mee Goreng, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Cutlet with rice, Fish & Chips, toast bread with coffee/tea and egg breakfast set, traditional Chinese Dessert of Red Bean Soup, Green Bean Soup, Green Bean with Sweet Potato Soup, Soya Bean Pudding with Long Gan, Grass Jelly with Longan and a glass steamer of  Chicken Pau, Char Siew Pau, Red Bean Pau etc. - all food are Halal certified.   

The Making of You Cha Kueh

Mastery ... Lee's untiring 40 over years of making You Cha Kueh, a legacy unlikely to be followed by current and future generation hawkers when he retires as he turns 70. It is an art and a skill difficult to master, requiring tenacity, passion and energy, standing, making, stretching and cutting the dough on the long powdery table with both arms and hands, like a Taiji Master, beside the big hot wok. 
These days modern You Cha Kueh sellers at hawker centres are mainly franchisee who acquire ready made factory supplies of dough, proprietary knowledge and processes made easy for “hawker-to-be” with no background to operate the business. 
Crispy and hot You Cha Kueh (You Tiao) is so good that many eat it on its own or with porridge but few are now dipping into glass of Kopi-O (black coffee). Try putting pieces of You Tiao into bowl of laksa - it’s delicious, like dipping baguette into your chicken curry. Those army days in Taiwan, in the “field”, the tri-motorcycle food peddler sold You Tiao, crispy but stiff to be eaten with warm soya bean “soup”, not Kopi-O. The You Cha Kueh sold by our hawkers is nicer. 

Lim Hokkien Mee Changi Rd

Hokkien Mee

林Hokkien Mee Lavish ingredients; accompaniments: sambal chilli, anchovies, crispy lard, lime. Opens 3-11pm, alternate Sunday off. Hock Choo Coffee Shop, 427 Changi Road. 

Beo Crescent Hawker Centre Claypot Rice

Claypot Chicken Rice

廣東Claypot Chicken Rice Specialty dishes: Claypot sausage & bacon rice with different meat options; double boiled soup. Beo Crescent Market 38A Beo Crescent #01-66. It has a stall at Kebun Baru Food Centre.

Seah Im Hawker Centre Tauhu Goreng

Tahu Goreng

Haji Daliman Korner Tahu Goreng Deep fried beancurd in rojak prawn paste sauce, peanut, fresh beansprout and cucumber. Taste of the 70s. Seah Im Food Centre 2 Seah Im Rd 01-33. 

Hainanese Curry Rice

Tiong Bahru Hainanese Curry Rice Pioneer Gen Hainanese curry rice veteran still serving his signature crispy pork chop meal with distinction. Tiong Bahru Market 30 Seng Poh Road,  #02-78

Fried Beehoon Mee 

Maxwell 国街熟食 Long forgotten original taste of the 60s Beehoon Mee of old Brickwork Estate market selling at Rickshaw Noodle stall Maxwell Food Centre, 1, Kadayanallur Street, #01-87

Fishball Noodles

俩兄弟Teochew Fishball Noodles Dried Mee Pok with beansprout in old days light color chilli sauce, minced meat, fishball, fish cake slices. Tanjong Pagar Plaza Hawker Ctr/Market Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Rd #02-47

Tiong Bahru Jui Kueh

Chwee Kueh

Jian Bo Shui Kueh  Original Chui Kueh from old Tiong Bahru Market. Special Chye Por with garlic, slow cooked till dark brown before serving customers, good chilli sauce. Tiong Bahru Market, 30 Seng Poh Road, #02-05 

Appam at Kopitiam Changi Airport Terminal 3


Local Snacks Rare freshly made crispy Appam. Choice of Original; Butter, egg & cheese; Bombay masala and Nutty Appam. Fresh coconut.  Kopitiam Changi Airport Terminal 3, 65 Airport Boulevard #B2-03

Ci Yuan 美食全 Char Kway Teow

Char Kway Teow

美食全Char Kway Teow Traditional taste, slight barbecue flavour, light sauce, cockles, sausage slices, good amount of garlic, chilli, beansprout. Ci Yuan Hawker Centre 51 Hougang Ave 9 #01-04

Ci Yuan Ah Khoon Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Ah Khoon Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice  Among the best chicken rice. Simply delectable, chicken is tender, flavoursome rice. Ci Yuan Hawker Centre 51 Hougang Avenue 9 #01-05

Violet Onn Jewel Chap Chye

Nonya Chap Chye  

Violet Oon@ Changi Jewel Chap Chye  Nyonya braised mixed vegetables and beancurd skin, Changi Jewel 78 Airport Boulevard, #01-205/206

Ghim Moh Chye Tow Kway

Carrot Cake

Hock Soon Carrot Cake Heritage. Old generation carrot cake by the master. Black sauce absorbed into the pieces, good amount of chilli, chye-po and garlic. Ghim Moh Hawker Centre Blk 20 Ghim Moh Rd #01-29

Kueh Lopes

Kueh Lopes 

Nur Indah Kitchen My mum used to order Kueh Lopes from a Malay family to sell in a Primary School along Pasir Panjang Road in 1960-70s. It quite difficult to find Kueh Lopes nowadays, especially the good ones. Nur Indah Kitchen's Kueh Lopes is large and tender, it melts in the mouth with each bite. Coconut is served fresh. Only $1.20 each. New Upper Changi Road Hawker Centre 58 New Upper Changi Road  #01-186

Tiong Bahru 50 years Soon Kueh

Teochew Kueh

New Market Teochew Kueh Heritage. Behind this simple stall, unassuming elderly hand making his 50-year legacy soft- skin appetising Soon Kueh, Phng Kueh .. like none other ; 25 years at Clark Quay and 25 years from old to current Tiong Bahru Market. He told me he is slowing down; seemed no one picking up his skills,  great loss for Singapore ! Tiong Bahru Market 30 Seng Poh Road, #02-64

Ci Yuan Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Fatty Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle/Carrot Cake New generation. Good value at $2.50. Generous amount of egg, balachan chilli is real hot. Ci Yuan Hawker Centre 51 Hougang Ave 9 #01-16

Tiong Bahru Pumpkin Cake

Pumpkin Cake

You Ji 有记  Heritage. Pumpkin Cake is a pre-1960s hawker delicacy. It may extinct after the 2 elderly women retire. Inside - peanuts, dried shrimps, lup cheong (Chinese sausage, not in every serving which is cut from a big portion). Toppings of crispy shallots, sesame seeds; condiments of sweet black sauce and chilli sauce. Tiong Bahru Market 30 Seng Poh Road, #02-10 

Marine Promenade Trad Rect Carrot Cake

Rectangle Carrot Cake

Jian Bo 建柏 Heritage. This is orginal rectangle carrot cake sold in pre 60s era, good ones are hardly found nowadays. It is best eaten hot with light chilli sauce. Each piece cost about $0.80 or slightly more. Tiong Bahru Market, 30 Seng Poh Road, #02-05. It is also sold at Marine Parade Food Centre 84 Marine Parade Central #01-44好意

Beo Crescent Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Heng Heng Carrot Cake Old generation carrot cake. Slightly wet and soft, chilli, garlic. Probably passed on from Old Beo Cres market tradition. Beo Crescent Market 38A Beo Crescent #01-72

AMK HUB Crispy Prawn Fritter

Prawn Fritter

Prawn fritter is a Heritage food. Flour is poured into a cooking scoop with prawns placed on top of the flour and the scoop lowered to be deep fried. Eaten with the crispy prawn shell. Ang Mo Kio Hub 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #B2-41/42

New Upper Changi Rd Roasted Meat

Char Siew Rice

Aljunied (Soon Kee) Roasted Meat This an old school Char Siew Rice. Help yourself with the traditional sauce, quantity to your delight. Price starts from $2.50 per plate; photo -$3.00. New Upper Changi Road Hawker Centre Blk 58 #01-195

Whampoa Hawker Centre Mun Theng Fang Rojak


Mun Theng Fang Rojak  Heritage. Pioneer generation Rojak Master, tossing the "Chinese Salad "delicacy for over 40 years. Traditional ingredients of 油条(fritter), taupok, cucumber, lime .... with 海蜇(Jelly fish strips), banana flower slices and peanut toppings. Whampoa Hawker Centre (afternoon) 91 Whampoa Drive #01-87.  

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