Food You Can Make At Home 


Chilli Prawn

Tiger chilli prawns fried with asparagus garnished with ginger and garlic 


Salmon Don

Salmon, don fried with Chinese spinach garnished with onion, ginger and garlic. 


Prawn CharSiu

Prawn-Char Siu curry bee hoon, fried with garlic, ginger, spring onion and parsley


Nasi Lemak with Great Ingredients

Cooking nasi lemak with unique twists. Unpolished black rice, all self-made-at-home special ingredients, especially the chilli sambal made with fresh blend of red chilli, dried chilli, red onion, garlic and stir fried in pan with anchovies; fresh big grey prawns with sambal; kampong style Kuning fish (marinated with turmeric powder, light salted); pan roasted peanuts (from natural peanuts) unsalted - Delicious meal !

Cooking Gordon Ramsay Curry Meatballs 

Try cooking the delicious curry meatballs at home by watching Gordon Ramsay's easy to follow video. Some variations in this dish - chicken instead of beef minced meat, red instead of white onion, no chicken stock added.

Chop 1 red onion and 2 cloves of garlic, stir fry, add chilli flakes. Making the meatballs - spread open the seasoned chicken minced meat to the sides around the bowl, add salt, pepper, breadcrumbs-milk-mixed and and ready fried onion-garlic-chilli around the minced chicken meat and mix well. Make each meatball by rolling around on the palms.

Pan fry the meatballs, add coriander seeds, ground turmeric, pinch of cinnamon powder, 2 dry chillies, lemon grass, ginger slices, coconut cream, water and stir well, then shred green lemon skin and squeeze the lemon. 

Bacon Omelette Breakfast

Breadfast Platter

Breakfast at the balcony with view of the forest and light occasional sound of horn from the ships at seaside beyond. Platter of oven baked New Zealand back bacon, peppered omelette with 10% egg yolk, cherry tomatoes, natural almond nuts; 'Sunshine' 100% wholemeal bread slices spread with 0% fat natural Greek yogurt and toppings of walnuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds; Cut fruits - kiwi and orange; home brewed coffee with low fat fresh milk.

Home Cook Siu Kow Soup

Chicken Dumplings

Chicken Dumpling (Sui Kow) Soup - Mixed well minced chicken meat, cut prawn, mushroom, water chestnut, parsley, spring onion, salt, rice wine, sesame oil, pepper, corn starch, an egg and wrapped in sui kow skin. Drop dumplings into pot of broth and add Chye Sim vegetable.

Home Creation Pancake

The pancakes are made with mix of all-purpose flour, baking powder and egg but no butter and sugar added. Whisk the mix in a container and pour one scoop at time into a small frying pan to make about a sunny-side size pancake. Add toppings of blueberry, kiwi fruit, dried cranberry and natural walnuts on the top of the stack of pancakes and pour maples syrup.   

Sausage Omelette

Old days Chinese sausage ("Lup Cheong") omelette usually cook at home served with plain porridge. The sausages are sold at dry food market stall or local supermarkets, minimum in pairs. Cut the sausage diagonally to get bigger slices, pan fry till slightly char with white onion (not added in old days recipe) and pour the whisked egg. Add no oil as the sausages produce the oil as they are fried.   

Bittergourd Chicken

Steam Seabass

Asian sea bass or barramundi (Lates calcarifer) is popular among the locals. You can buy fresh sea bass with better chance of getting the size desired according to the family need, early in the morning at NTUC Fairprice supermarket,  avoiding the crowd and long waiting time for the fish to be descaled and gutted. The sea bass from Malaysia cost around $8.00+ for 400grams, depending on the demand and season. I bought this sea bass fish for $4.50 that weighed 556 grams, quite a good “catch".

Score the sea bass, two on each sides. Season the fish lightly with sea salt. Prepare Shitake mushroom slices, leeks and cut ginger into stripes. Put in the mushroom slices and ginger stripes on top of the fish, drizzle of sesame, Hua Tiow Chiew (Rice Wine), splash of light soya sauce. Place the fish on the steamer and cover the lid. Steam for 20 minutes and add in the leeks.

Fried Fish

Fried Yellowtail Fish topped with  fried chopped garlic, shallot, dried shrimp, Shitake mushroom, ginger, red chilli and parsley. 番薯鱼 is its Chinese name and also popularly known as Hang Zhi Heh (Hokkien) or Huang Zhi Heh (Teochew) among the dialect speaking community, before the push for the speak Mandarin campaign. The fish has some scales and it better to have the supermarket degut, descale  and wash it clean. 

Separating Egg Yolk and White

Roast chicken avocado sandwich

Roast Chicken Sandwich

Greek yogurt spread on bread with 100% wholemeal flour, toppings of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, walnuts, avocado wedges, tomato slices and melted Netherlands cheese on roast chicken 

Salmon chicken pie

Salmon Chicken Pie

Cook pumpkin, carrot cubes, onion, celery, green capsicum, salmon prawns add sea salt, rosemary herb, rice wine, yogurt, water. Scope into tray (28 x 30 cm), dough layer over, egg wash dough for golden shine. Bake 30 minutes.

Mango chicken salad

Mango Chicken Salad

Portion of oven hot roast spring chicken bought from NTUC Fairprice ($5.90), Australia King Kale, baby spinach, dried cranberries, a whole mango amount, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almond nuts and tablespoon of Greek yogurt. 


Lightly fried garlic with oil from the Laksa paste before putting in the paste. Cook with fresh milk instead of coconut milk. Well cook the Taupok still soften, add big slices fish cake, then the Laksa noodles, prawns, crunchy Broccoli stem strips to replace bean sprouts, finally add Broccoli flowers and hard boiled egg.

Yam Rice

Using brown rice cooked in the pot. Stir fried chopped dried prawn shrimps, garlic and  shallots. Add Shitake mushroom slices, thin cut chicken, yam cubes, cooked well with sauces and pour into cooking pot of rice. Toppings of fried shallot crisp, fried Chinese sausage (Lup cheon) slices, spring onion and parsley.

Chicken Pie

Made pastry in advance. Cook carrot cubes, onion, chicken breast cubes, button mushroom slices, bay leaf, pepper, pink himalayan sea salt, rosemary herb, rice wine,  yogurt, basil paste, water, flour, leek. Simmer 15 mins. Scope into dish, lay pastry over. Brush egg wash over the pie for golden colour and shine. Bake for 20 minutes.

Curry Chicken

Curry chicken meal with toasted baguette. Spicy curry paste garnished with chopped garlic, ginger and shallot. Cooked with chunky potatoe, carrot and broccoli. Replace the usual coconut milk with fresh milk. Add no salt, sauces.

Mala Bowl

Cook a Mala dish when you have a variety of yet to be used vegetables and other food stuff left in the fridge. Asparagus, onion, kale, tomatoe, mushroom, red chilli, Prawns and stirred with fried 100% All Natural No Preservatives Singlong Dried Prawn Sambal.  

Linguine Pasta

Italian linguine pasta made from durum wheat semolina, cook al dente - cook it to be firm to the bite, just long enough that it is neither crunchy nor too soft, with broccoli, carrot strips, onion rings, prawns, chilli flakes

Salmon Salad

Golden Glazed Salmon with Kale, Broccoli, Guava, Walnut, Almond nut, Blueberry and black Sesame seeds

Chicken Patties

Pan fried chicken patties filled with chicken minced meat, water chestnut, spring onion and garlic. Capsicum, Avocado

Egg Kale Sandwich

Kale vegetable fried omelette, yogurt spread sandwich topped with walnuts, almond nuts, seeds and blueberries 

Ngoh Hiang

Chicken minced meat, tiger prawns, water chestnut, carrot, shallot, garlic, spring onion, Chinese parsley, black fungus, mushroom, an egg , five-spice powder (五香粉), minimal salt, pepper, sesame oil, Hua Tiao Chiew 花雕酒-rice wine and corn flour. 

Curry Chicken

Stir fried chopped ginger, shallot, garlic and stir fried with curry paste, followed by chicken, potato, carrot, add water, stir and simmer for 10 minutes, add fresh milk, instead of coconut milk, simmered for 10 minutes

Soup Udon 

Cook a bowl of Australian made Hakubaku Organic Udon (also certified Kosher and Halal) with squid rings from 150mm long squid (for 2 bowls), chicken cubes, Shitake mushroom, Napa cabbage, garlic and spring onion.

Hokkien Mee

My late mum, a Peranakan, cooked her special first day of Chinese New Year Hokkien Mee for the family. Back then she used round yellow noodles


Laksa paste, noodle, prawns, tau-pok, fish cake, chopped laksa leaves, eggs. Fresh milk instead of coconut milk. No salt and sauces added.

Koka Mee Goreng

Stir fry a package of Koka noodle, garnish with garlic, its flavour sachets, oil and toppings. Add in tomato, spring onion, red cut chilli and prawns (fried separately)

Chicken Meatball

Home made chicken meatball, with potato slices, white onion  in light and black soya sauce, sugar, corn starch, water.

Stir Fried Kailan

Traditional stir fried Kailan (Chinese Kale) with carrot strips, light soya sauce and garnished with garlic. 

Braised Chicken

Stir fried Lady Finger, with spicy red hot chopped chilli, dried shrimp, shallot, white onion, garlic

Koka Veggie  Mee

Koka noodle soup with carrot, broccoli, red cut chilli and king oyster mushroom slices

Fried Brown Rice

Fried Thai unpolished brown rice, egg, fresh prawns and spring onion

Salmon Fettuccine

la Molisana Italian Fettuccine cooked with Salmon, Broccoli, Onion, Carrot, Omega-3 fresh milk, Italian herbs

Spicy Lady Finger

Stir fried Lady Finger, with spicy red hot chopped chilli, dried shrimp, shallot, white onion, garlic

Sauteed Broccoli

Buy broccoli with underside of the flower which are green rather than ripen yellow. Simply fry with chopped garlic and add a dash of salt 

Egg Bittergourd

Stir fry dried shrimp, chopped garlic, bitter gourd, pour the egg all over and stir. 

Fruitie Oat Meal

Fruitie oat meal, red crunchy apple,  cranberries, blueberries, walnuts

Banana Oat Meal

Banana rolled oat meal, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds,

Weetbix Meal

Weetbix cereal  with yogurt, toppings of walnuts, almond nuts, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, blueberries, dried cranberries

Yogurt Ice Cream

Greek style yogurt, Weetbix, papaya, pumkin seeds walnuts, chocolate ice cream

Onsen Egg Toast

Onsen egg whole meal bread toast, banana, pumpkin seeds, almond nuts

Energy Oat Balls

A mix of raw rolled oats, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts with heated crunchy peanut butter and maple syrup.  

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